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Baccarat Online By NetEnt

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Click to collect: 100% up to £1100 signup bonus

Overall impression

Graphics - 94%
Gameplay - 91%
Bonuses - 90%
Value - 94%
Game Information
Name:Baccarat By NetEnt
Software:NetEnt (Net Entertainment)
Game Type:Table Game
Progressive: No
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
Low House EdgeNo US players for this software provider
Mobile Play
Big Comps

Where to play?

In terms of online casino table games NetEnt’s Baccarat is considered part of the big 3, the other two games are blackjack and roulette.


Baccarat Strategy

If anyone tells you that there is a system you can purchase to beat baccarat, don’t fall for it, period! That said, as long as you don’t bet on the tie your winning chances will fluctuate a bit. It doesn’t matter whether you place a bet on the player or the banker. Practically speaking it’s pretty a toss of a coin if you will.

For what it’s worth the HE (house edge) on the banker is 1% (regardless of the 5% commission) and if it’s on the player you’re looking at 1.25%

Seasoned baccarat players consider the tie to be a ”sucker side-bet” since the house edge is 14% if payouts are 8:1. When the 5% commission is factored in it’s 9:1. If you’re a serious baccarat player always bet on the ‘Banker’ in the long run.


NetEnt Baccarat Versions

Baccarat is an easy game to learn and there are 3 variants starting with Baccarat Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque and Punto Banco. It also has 3 outcomes which is the ‘Player, ‘Banker’and ‘Tie’.

One thing that stands out like a pole above water is the visual side of the game, must say NetEnt does a sterling job here. Each Baccarat variant has its own customization options such as audio, graphics settings, coin bet options and there’s an Auto Play feature.

NetEnt’s standard version is Baccarat Pro Series which offers players some superb payouts. If you’re a low roller like myself bets can be placed from 10 cents up to $10. It’s lower than the standard version where the minimum wager is $1.


High Rollers

Players who like chasing the big wins will find this version of the game right up their ally. Bets can be made from $10 up to $1,000 on a single hand. Punto Bunco is on the menu too and uses 6 decks of cards.

If you’re wondering who the ‘Punto’ is it’s the player while ‘Banco’ is the dealer. Although the rules are similar as traditional’s baccarat’s the amount of decks used differs.


How To Play NetEnt’s Baccarat

Once you have set aside your bankroll you’re ready to play baccarat. Pick the amount you’d like to wager and click on ‘Deal’, the dealer will deal you 2 cards

Remember you’re playing against the ‘Banker’. Once your cards have been dealt they are compared to the Banker’s to see which hand has the best ‘Total’. A ‘Natural’ is when the player or the banker has 8 or 9 and considered a winning hand. This is where it becomes interesting. In the event neither the player or the dealer has a winning hand the cards are dealt like this:

A third card is dealt if the player has 0 to 5. Should the player have a 6 or 7 the hand does not change. If the player draws a third card its value will determine if the banker gets a third card or not.

In baccarat the hand value works like this; An Aces counts one point, tens up to Kings count zero. If the hand total exceeds 10, 10 points will be deducted, the new value will be your hand total.

If you want to see the payout offered by the game simply hover your mouse over the sign that says ‘Wagering Limits’. It tells you the amount of cash you’ve won even if you have a tie and if you’ll receive a payout of 9 to 1. If it favours the banker or the player the payout will be 2 to 1. Keep in mind that a commission of 5% is deducted for all banker winning rounds.

Click to collect: 100% up to £1100 signup bonus
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